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ern part of Yunnan, west of the Nujiang River. The local people, together with the newl▓y-arrived Jingpos, were called "Xunchuanman," who lived ▓mainly on hunting.During the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), the imperial court set up a provincial administrative office in

Yunnan, which had the ▓Xunchuan area under its jurisdiction. As production develop▓ed, various Jingpo groups gradually merged into two big tribal alliances -- Chashan and Lima. They were headed b▓y hereditary nobles called "shanguan." Freemen and slaves formed another two classes. De▓prived of any personal freedom, the slaves bore the▓ surname of their mast

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ers and did forced labor.During the early 15th century, the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), which instituted a system of appointin▓g local here

ditary headmen in national minority areas, set up two area administrative offices and appointed Jingpo nobles as administrators. In th

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